Michael Carrick hurt by defeat against Stoke City and wants collective responsibility from teammates

by Tanveer Arayan

Michael Carrick wants everybody at Manchester United to collectively share the responsibility of failure following a fourth consecutive defeat.

A 2-0 loss to Stoke condemned Man United to another embarrassing loss and cranked up the pressure on Louis van Gaal‘s job.

While so much of the pressure is on van Gaal, the players have been getting away with it a little bit but Carrick wants everybody to take on the mantle together.

Speaking about United’s run of form, Carrick said: “You can single anyone out, but we are a club and we all have to take responsibility for this poor run.

“Only way through it is work hard and stick together keep believing it will turn for us.

“It was a tough game. We’ve given ourselves too much to do again. The situation we’re in at the moment is tough.

“It’s a tough day. It’s a horrible run. It’s a horrible feeling. It hurts a lot. What else can I say? It’s hard to take.

“We’re not playing well enough as a team, as a squad and we have to take responsibility for that. We’ve got to be a lot better than that.”

It’s all good and well hearing this from Carrick but the performances on the pitch are far removed from a team playing with a real sense of collective responsibility. If anything, the players look disengaged and uninterested in what they are doing.

Unlike most of the players in the team, Carrick knows the real feeling of success as a United player and that’s something that should drive him forward and make him a real motivator at the moment. At least, it should in theory.

We don’t have enough of those players any more and it’s time for the remaining ones, Carrick included, to step up and manage on the pitch – starting with against Chelsea on Monday night.

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