Adidas boss Herbert Hainer not happy with Manchester United’s playing style

by Tanveer Arayan

Adidas boss Herbert Hainer has admitted Manchester United’s current style isn’t exactly what he wants to see, even if shirt sales are doing extremely well.

Man United’s win over Swansea at the weekend was their first in nine and having signed a record deal with the club, Adidas would have been expecting far better results.

While fans moans and groans may not have too much of an influence on United’s board and Ed Woodward, they’re unlikely to ignore the grumbles of Adidas.

Speaking to Suddeutsche Zeitung, quotes via Sport Witness, Hainer said: “Business with Man United is going very well, we sell more shirts than expected…We are satisfied, even if the current playing style of Man United is not exactly what we want to see.”

United is a corporate machine and Woodward will have a twitchy arse hearing these quotes from Adidas boss Hainer because a damaged relationship is not something United can afford to have.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the corporate side of things has become almost more important than fan opinion to United right now, but at least the pressures are now coming from multiple angles so it can’t simply be brushed under the carpet.

A win over Swansea is a good starting point for 2016 but what now needs to happen is for United to do what we used to do annually under Sir Alex Ferguson – we need to go on a run of form starting with a rush of wins in January. Without that, pressures from all angles will continue to intensify and Woodward won’t simply be able to ignore Adidas or any other frustrated sponsors.

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