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From Spain: Pep Guardiola has always dreamt about managing Manchester United, not City

by Sam Peoples

Pep Guardiola’s expected move to the Premier League next year has got tongues wagging, especially those of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United fans.

Man City are considered front-runners for Guardiola but according to Marca.com out in Spain, there’s only one Manchester club he has ever dreamt of managing – United.

They say the romantic side of United – our ex-players like Sir Bobby, Best, Giggs and Beckham, our history and the legacy associated with it – is what attracts him to United. City and Chelsea are unable to compete on that level.

Guardiola strikes me as a manager who is driven by principles more than money. Yes, the size of the cheque will influence him but seeing as Chelsea, City and United could all be interested in him, he’ll get great financial offers. So, the reasoning behind his decision to move somewhere may well have far deeper roots than surface wealth.

It’s United’s history and legacy which could appeal to Pep and it’s not something Chelsea or City can offer. From a romantic point of view, United are by far and away the most exciting proposition but it all boils down to what is driving Guardiola to England.

Guardiola has made it clear that three years is long enough for him at a club and that’s certainly long enough for him to create a legacy no matter where he goes. At City, he’d be in the best position to dominate and compete for titles on all fronts; at Chelsea, he’d be in charge of a big restructure after Jose Mourinho‘s debacle and at United, he’d be responsible for helping rebuild one of football’s biggest clubs.

There’s a whole host of complicated decisions, hurdles and options for Guardiola to sift through before he makes a decision but if United are interested in him, which is not what the current reports say, then I do hope Pep is excited enough by the thought of managing us and following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson in making us a European powerhouse once again that he decides to call Old Trafford his home from next year.

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