Louis van Gaal: Maybe fans left early against Sheffield because of traffic

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is under intense scrutiny once again following what was one of the worst victories you’re ever likely to see at Old Trafford from a Manchester United team.

Old Trafford was far from full when Wayne Rooney‘s last minute penalty gave Man United a wholly undeserved 1-0 victory and van Gaal was asked why he felt the fans left early.

He said: “It could also be because of the traffic that they left the stadium a few minutes earlier. There are many reasons to leave a stadium at the last minute. Me, as a manager, when I was looking at matches to analyse our opponent, I have done that [left early] also in the beginning of my years as a manager. Then I would leave the stadium five minutes before the end. You never know what is the reason.”

He also added: “How many stadiums were like our stadium – it was full, I think? You can mention how they leave but you can also mention how they come to this stadium for the FA Cup match.”

Yes Louis there are some that need to leave to avoid the traffic in order to get home but not in their droves which is what has started to happen.


He also commented on the ironic cheers: “Yes, I can understand that because it was a fact that we were not shooting too much or were not able to shoot at the goal so much. That they were ironic I can imagine. Because it was our first shot after 20 minutes.”

Not even seven straight wins at the end of the 1980 season was enough to keep Dave Sexton in his job because the football was uninspiring, but right now van Gaal thinks the fans should be happy with two wins in a row and being in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Van Gaal’s justifications and comments in his press conferences are starting to become repetitive and wafer thin. Wins aren’t everything for United fans but I really don’t know if van Gaal knows or truly appreciates that.

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