Louis van Gaal admits he’s found Manchester United ‘very boring’ at times

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has finally admitted to finding Manchester United’s performances very boring.

Man United’s hollow 1-0 victory over Sheffield United was not the result the match deserved because we were, quite frankly, atrocious for almost the whole game.

Having seen ten consecutive games at Old Trafford without a first half goal, United fans’ patience is running out fast but at least van Gaal is publicly acknowledging how boring United have been.

Speaking to reporters this week, van Gaal said: “There are matches that I have enjoyed very much. Against Chelsea I enjoyed it but the result was 0-0 and we could have lost.

“There are also matches where I’m very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponent’s defence but that is football. It’s not every match that every club is playing fantastically, football that attracts the people.

“They have been ironic [against Sheffield United] but that’s an expression of the fans and that’s good. The players were frustrated and the fans were frustrated. But the fans also have to know we can’t always play fantastic football and that was also the case in former days when it didn’t happen. I’m sorry about that, but it is like that.”

Fans have been waiting for van Gaal to address the issue of United’s incomprehensibly boring football. Maybe it is an acceptance which could spark a change in mindset because something certainly needs to change.

The minor momentum of a win over Swansea was washed away by the bludgeoned performance against Sheffield United but if van Gaal now fully accepts how boring we’ve been, could we about to see a response to that against Newcastle United?

Yes, it is wishful thinking but seeing as van Gaal doesn’t look like he is going to be sacked any time soon, we may as well hold on to some glimmers of hope.

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