Is this why Louis van Gaal hasn’t been sacked at Manchester United?

by Sam Peoples

There was a huge backlash after Manchester United lost at home to Norwich City but Louis van Gaal kept his job.

That backlash grew in intensity after a fourth consecutive defeat the following week against Stoke City but van Gaal kept his job.

Then we drew to Chelsea and in two games which the newspapers said van Gaal had to avoid the sack, he got one point but van Gaal kept his job.

A lot of fans had lost belief in van Gaal by this point. The lack of progress was stiflingly bad but he kept his job. Could this be the reason why?

For all the pitfalls of van Gaal’s tenure, his record against the top six is mint. We’ve won four out of four against Liverpool and have recorded the most points against our rivals directly since van Gaal arrived than any other team. That’s some record, especially given how dire we’ve been in the grand scheme of things.

Call it what you want but van Gaal’s record speaks for itself in the big games doesn’t it? It’s certainly one of the jewels in his crown and, lets be honest, he hasn’t got many. If there’s one thing you can do to pacify fans then it’s to get one over Liverpool but I wonder whether that result is too late too late as far as fans are concerned.

There must be something which the board believes in or has seen that means their faith in van Gaal kept him in the job. Either that or a lack of alternative at this point in time but let me know what you think in the comments – has van Gaal’s record against the top six been a factor as to why he still has the job?

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