Andy Mitten: Manchester United believe Pep Guardiola is joining Manchester City

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United are not interested in a move for Pep Guardiola as they have long held the belief that he is joining Manchester City, according to Andy Mitten.

Man United officials reportedly met with Guardiola in Paris this week, a rumour the club has since denied.

Mitten claims that United have been convinced for a year that the Spaniard is heading to City.

Although they admire Guardiola, United believe he is a ‘collector’, or someone who moves around clubs short-term. This is the same reason why United are not interested in Jose Mourinho.

Instead, United are said to be satisfied in their long-term vision, which is that Ryan Giggs will eventually take over having learned from Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

The long-term ideal is why United give all powers to the manager rather than appointing a sporting director.

Guardiola is widely regarded to be one of the best managers in the world and it is baffling that United aren’t at least trying to sign him, even if he has made up his mind to go to City. It is a huge gamble for United to take as van Gaal has not looked to be the man to take the club forward and Giggs would go into the job with no experience whatsoever. City could potentially leave United behind and it would be a disastrous situation for supporters.

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