David Gill discusses Manchester United’s ‘underachievement’ this season

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United director David Gill has given his say on how our season has gone so far and knows it has been one of underachievement.

Man United’s 1-0 defeat to Southampton on Saturday leaves us five points clear of Tottenham Hotspur in fourth position and saw a huge backlash from fans who booed the full-time whistle inside Old Trafford.

Van Gaal’s job security lies in the confidence of United’s board but Gill’s comments indicate that might not be as secure as he wants it to be.

“Clearly we all hope the results would be better and we are all disappointed with that,” said Gill.

“Undoubtedly it has been a season of underachievement given the investment that was made in the summer. But I know everyone is working hard to turn that round.

“No-one likes [the booing]. As directors we’re fans, no-one likes to see that. We don’t want booing we want cheering.

“But I think we’ve got to stay calm and make sure we act with the club in mind in terms of its proposals and it’s targets and where it’s moving forward.

“But the wider point you’re making is for Ed Woodward and the owners to discuss and see what direction the club is going.”

It’s very hard to look at this current situation at Man United in any positive light really, no matter which way you try to.

Fans booing United off the pitch after losing 1-0 to Southampton is indicative of how van Gaal is quickly losing the support of the fans but his saving grace was that he seemingly had support from the board.

From the board’s perspective, as soon as the results start affecting the marketability of United then action needs to be considered. That’s exactly what’s happening at the moment; we’re five points off fourth place, the elusive UEFA Champions League qualification spot, and without that there’ll be a huge impact on next season.

All is not well at United and as soon as the board starts to exert pressure on van Gaal, both internally and externally, his position as manager becomes more and more uncertain.

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