FIFA presidential candidate Sheikh Salman: “I’ve lost confidence in Man United”

by Tanveer Arayan

FIFA presidential candidate Sheikh Salman has given his two cents on Manchester United’s current situation and admits he’s lost confidence in the team.

A Man United supporter since the 1985/6 season where Man United finished fourth under Ron Atkinson, Salman was questioned on the club during an interview with Sky Sports.

When asked if he gets bored watching this United team, Salman said: “Now, yes. It’s not open and entertaining as before but we beat Liverpool so that is good. I’ve lost confidence lately. They’re going through a transition. Others clubs are spending so much.”

We’ve all lost confidence in recent weeks. Even the high of beating Liverpool at Anfield couldn’t get rid of that overpowering sense of gloom which is sweeping over the club which is intensifying with pretty much every game.

Nobody knows where we move from here but the big talking point is whether Louis van Gaal will keep his job. Somebody who will have a say in that decision is Sir Alex Ferguson and he’s a man who Salman would love to have on his board of advisers if he were to become FIFA president.

“Absolutely,” he said when asked whether Richard Scudamore and Sir Alex could be advisors.

“They have the experience and personality. Everyone respects them and the work that they have done but there are other people around the world who will have a similar contribution.”

Right now, all United fans are interested in is whether Sir Alex is going to advise the board that van Gaal should be sacked and replaced. We all thought it was going to happen after defeats to Norwich and Stoke but it never did. However, the loss to Southampton has brought intensified speculation surrounding his future which is showing no signs of going away quietly.

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