James Rodriguez hits out at criticism and claims that the rumours really “p**s him off”

by Tanveer Arayan

Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez has hit out against criticism by Spanish media over his lack of professionalism and excessive weight.

Reports suggested Zinedine Zidane was unhappy with the Colombian’s physical condition and regular nightlife appearances.

The 24-year-old produced an assist in Madrdid’s 1-1 draw against Real Betis on Saturday after struggling to make an impact at the Bernabeu this season.

Rodriguez made it clear that he was unhappy with questions being raised over his physical ability.

“The talk really pi**es me off,” he said.

“My people know how I act and that I always seek to take good care of myself,” Rodriguez was quoted as saying by Marca after the Betis match.

“I’m a professional. What’s been said about me going out a lot at night is a lie. It really p***** me off that people doubt me and say I’m looking fat.”

If Rodriguez doesn’t like the press being invasive and is angry at the comments being said in the media, then a move to England would probably be the worst idea he could ever have isn’t it? They’d bring out plenty of false stories as they always do.

To be honest, transfer rumours are the last thing on the mind of any United fan at the moment. It’s all about Louis van Gaal and whether he will stay or go. From a player’s perspective, United must be an unattractive option at this particular moment in time simply because nobody knows what is going on – with that in mind, maybe it’s more likely than not that we’ll not sign anybody in January.

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