From Holland: Louis van Gaal faces crucial few hours due to Ed Woodward meeting

by Sam Peoples

De Telegraaf is all too aware of how bad the current situation is for Louis van Gaal at Manchester United.

The Dutch newspaper says van Gaal has a ‘crucial few hours’ coming up and point towards the meetings he will with Ed Woodward on Tuesday as the focal point of that.

Having returned from holiday, van Gaal will discuss his future with Woodward during that meeting and there is every chance he could come out of that meeting without a job, the way things are going.

They say Woodward still has every belief in van Gaal but that’s not where the problem lies if reports are correct that he tried to resign after Southampton, but was talked into staying on – and that was for the third time this season.

On Monday, De Telegraaf also published a piece which exerted pressure on van Gaal for the mere fact they were reporting on it, saying it was the worse United had ever been which is a damning statement by any stretch of the imagination.

Tuesday looks like it is going to be the crunch day for van Gaal but with a meeting with Woodward happening in the morning, I’d be surprised if there were any concrete updates before midday.

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