Louis van Gaal’s resignation attempt rejected by Ed Woodward

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal offered to resign from his position as Manchester United manager after Saturday’s defeat to Southampton but Ed Woodward convinced him to discuss the choice with his family.

The Guardian and The Sun reported on Monday night that, for the third time this season if James Ducker was correct about two previous resignation attempts, van Gaal attempted to walk away yet was unable to thanks to Woodward.

Let us, for a moment, take these reports as fact. It would be utterly bizarre of Woodward to try and convince van Gaal not to resign once, to do it twice would be madness, to do it three times would be nothing short of lunacy.

As for van Gaal’s family, his wife Truus would have been happy if Louis never took the job in the first place so I doubt very much that she’ll be doing anything to convince him to stay in the role.

This whole situation stinks and is only getting more rotten with each passing day. If the press are correct, then United have a total imbecile called Woodward in charge of making decisions he doesn’t have the capacity to do. If the press are incorrect, van Gaal will certainly let us know about in no uncertain terms later in the week.

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