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Journalist close to Louis van Gaal insists Dutchman ‘will not walk away’ from Manchester United

by Ben Topliss

De Telegraaf reporter Marcel van der Kraan has insisted that Louis van Gaal will not quit as manager of Manchester United.

Van Gaal’s side suffered a 1-0 defeat against Southampton last time out which has ramped the pressure up on the Dutchman.

There have been widespread reports this week suggesting van Gaal offered to resign after the loss, only for Ed Woodward to talk him out of it. Van der Kraan insisted van Gaal will not walk away from United and that he enjoys a “fantastic relationship” with the Man United hierarchy.

“Louis is not a quitter. The more people get on his back, the more he will stick by what he is doing knowing he’s got the backing and support from his bosses. That is a vital point at this moment. From the first day they met, he has – as he has described to me several times – had a fantastic relationship with the Glazer family and with [chief executive] Ed Woodward,” Van Der Kraan said.

“The trust he has with them keeps him going and vice versa. He will not walk away from his job because he realises if he does the pressure will be on the chairman and chief executive. Louis has always dealt with pressure in his career and from time to time that has really got the best out of him.

“Let’s not forget just before he went to Manchester United, he took Holland to the World Cup and all the Dutch media were right on his back. Nobody gave him any chance and against all the odds he took us to third place. Also, when he was at Ajax, he was suffering terrible chants like he does now with the Manchester United crowd.

“People gave him some real stick. He has had some bad luck in his life and suffered some family tragedies. All through that, every time he came out with trophies, with the best results. That, I think, is why he will stick to what he’s doing. He will not change his style, he will not change his attitude and he will not give in to the critics.”

Louis van Gaal

Patience has worn thin with van Gaal among United supporters and the news that he wants to stay will frustrate the Old Trafford faithful.

Van Gaal has had ample time to implement his philosophy and get the team playing attacking football but he has failed. It is time for him to go before he does more damage to United’s Premier League campaign.

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