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James Ducker: Ed Woodward has been ‘desperate’ not to sack Louis van Gaal

by Sam Peoples

The Times’ James Ducker believes Ed Woodward has been desperate not to sack Louis van Gaal so as to protect his own integrity as a key decision maker at Manchester United.

Woodward has invested everything into van Gaal – time, money and support – which means if the Dutchman were to be sacked, it would mean Woodward’s work had to be accounted for as a failure.

What Ducker has described is a concept I fear above all else; that the key decision maker at United – a man whose speciality lies in business, not in football – is basing some of his decision making on nothing more than an egotistical power drive rather than for simply being the right thing to do.

The horrible thing is that there is every reason it could be a driving force behind keeping van Gaal at United simply because of how weak it would make Woodward look to get rid of him.

That would be a horribly dangerous path to go down but one which we can see all the signs for at United right now. We’re in disarray (regardless of the result against Derby) and no switch of manager will solve those underlying problems straight away.

Is Woodward scared to sack van Gaal simply because it may make him look bad? If the club is being run by that mantra, then our problems would be even bigger than I first imagined.

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