Remembering The Munich Air Disaster: Our 13 part series

Remembering The Munich Air Disaster: Our 13 part series

On this day of remembrance, please take some time to read my 13 part series on The Munich Air Disaster to learn a little bit more about the true impact of the tragedy and how it has shaped the United we all know and love today.

Lest we forget.

Part I Introduction to the team

Part II The context of the disaster

Part III Profiles of those players lost in the tragedy

Part IV How did Manchester United cope with the immediate aftermath?

Part V How did others react to the disaster?

Part VI The story of Sir Bobby Charlton and how it changed him

Part VII The story of Duncan Edwards – ‘the gentle giant’

Part VIII What has been written about the disaster and what relevance does it have?

Part IX The impact the disaster had on the communities of Manchester

Part X The impact the disaster had on the communties of Manchester (continued)

Part XI The funerals and how did the disaster change the fan relationship?

Part XII How did the disaster affect how football was seen in society even today?

Part XIII Conclusion – The Munich Disaster


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About The Author

Sam founded The Peoples Person back in 2011 after writing his university dissertation on The Munich Air Disaster. Since then, the website has been creating daily Man United content on everything from transfers and features to full match day coverage.