Manchester United’s bid for Renato Sanches is front page news in Portugal

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s interest in Renato Sanches has once again made the front page news in Portugal for the third time this week.

Reports have suggested on multiple occasions that Man United have already bid €40m up front for Sanches with an extra €20m in add-ons, and today’s front page of Record.

They claim United have offered €60m for Sanches, which is similar to previous reports this week, and say Benfica want more than the €40m offered up front.

As Jorge Mendes is Sanches’ agent, this rumour has gathered real pace with United given our long-standing relationship with him and Jose Mourinho‘s potential move to Old Trafford only gives further fuel behind it.

What is clear right now is that the Sanches rumours aren’t going to go away. €60m for an 18-year-old from the Portuguese league is an eye-watering amount but football is continuing to change thanks to ever increasing TV deals, sponsorships and corporate partnerships from clubs. More money than ever is getting pumped into the game and subsequently spent on players.

Something that is interesting is how important Sanches has been to Benfica.

With him they have won 84% of 19 games, without him they have only won 57% of 14 games, so he’s clear an influential player in their side, and only at the age of 18.

We’re going to continue following these rumours and hopefully Sam will be able to sit down with Portuguese expert Jan Hagen to discuss Sanches and find out a little bit more about the player and why there is so much hype around him.

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