Photo: Jose Mourinho banners already being removed in Stamford Bridge amid Man United rumours

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho banners are already being folded up inside Stamford Bridge and we can take an educated guess it might have something to do with the Manchester United rumours.

The Portuguese manager’s representatives have been in talks with Man United this week over becoming our next manager and even the thought of that is probably enough to anger Chelsea fans.

If banners are already being folded up and it’s only a rumour at the moment, imagine what might happen if he does succeed Louis van Gaal as our manager.

I fully expect Mourinho to be our next manager because I can’t see anyone else who is available that is up to the task at hand. With Pep Guardiola going to Manchester City, we need a manager who is capable of coping with that pressure – Mourinho is that man.

Jose in charge would split the fanbase but after the failures of van Gaal, who else can we turn to?

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