Henry Winter says Manchester United will change for Jose Mourinho

by Sam Peoples

The Times’ chief football writer Henry Winter believes Manchester United are willing to put aside any worries over their style of play and bring in Jose Mourinho.

Man United fans were almost universally opposed to the idea of Mourinho succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson because his style of play was deemed against the ethos and tradition at Old Trafford.

However, Louis van Gaal‘s philosophy has instead brought that style of play and Winter expects differences to be put aside to allow Mourinho in as manager in the summer.

Speaking to BBC Five Live, Winter said: “There’s been long standing concerns about Mourinho’s style of football, the fact he’s just an impact manager and how he doesn’t play the Manchester United way – I think those might well be put aside this summer.”

You know what’s even more against United’s tradition than a style of play? Not being able to compete for titles and trophies in the first place. We had it so good under Sir Alex Ferguson that we were able to take moral high grounds with playing styles but the last three years has stripped us of that ability. First and foremost, we need to get back to winning – then we can consider complaining about the style in which we do it.

That’s why I think Winter is spot on about Mourinho and I think there is no manager better suited to our needs as a club right now as the Portuguese man himself.

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