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Manchester United still see Ryan Giggs as Louis van Gaal’s successor

by Sam Peoples

While most fans consider Jose Mourinho the odds on favourite to replace Louis van Gaal as Manchester United manager, Simon Mullock from The Mirror suggests Ryan Giggs is still leading the way.

In his latest article, Mullock reports that Man United still see Giggs as van Gaal’s successor and quotes a club insider who says the ‘long-term’ option of Giggs is appealing.

Back in April 2015, van Gaal was very transparent in his thoughts of who was going to succeed him – Giggs. He said it on multiple occasions and for a while United fans saw the logic in it and felt it could work.

However, that ship has now officially sailed and the concept of having Giggs as our next long-term manager is one that fills me with genuine fear and dread.

The reason I thought Moyes was a good choice for United was that utopian concept he could be a ‘long-term’ option, and that was about an absolute disaster. The same thing could happen to Giggs and we, as a club, simply cannot afford to take that risk when replacing van Gaal.

Giggs needs to leave United to go elsewhere or manage the U21s for at least a couple of years before the concept of him as manager is even loosely entertained. To bring him in now would be taking a huge risk which could leave so far away from where United need to be that it could take a substantial amount of time to recover.

United took the moral high ground when Sir Alex retired because we were in a privileged position as champions but that time has now passed and there’s not a chance we could logically overlook Mourinho to give the job to Giggs.

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