Martin Samuel questions Manchester United fans’ support of Ryan Giggs

by Sam Peoples

The Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel expected more Manchester United fans to be welcoming towards the prospect of Ryan Giggs taking over from Louis van Gaal.

Man United are allegedly certain Giggs will take over as manager at the end of the season and find the ‘long-term’ option of the Welshman appealing.

However, Jose Mourinho is the odds on favourite to replace the Dutchman and has been heavily associated with a move to Old Trafford in the summer.

He believes the club should be looking to make their own Pep Guardiola instead of trying to import a manager with similar qualities.

“You would think he would be the popular choice, Ryan Giggs,” Samuel said.

“Manchester United, instead of importing a Guardiola type, should be creating their own Guardiola. I looked at that and thought, ‘That’ll strike a nerve with United fans, they’ll all be behind this’, but the reaction wasn’t there.

“The great love and faith in Ryan Giggs I thought there would be wasn’t there.

“It’s almost as if he has been damaged in some way – in terms of being seen as the guy who can take the club forward – by sitting beside Louis van Gaal and David Moyes as it’s all gone wrong.

“That might be very, very unfair on Giggs, he might have brilliant ideas that are completely at odds with Van Gaal’s but it is very hard to sit alongside a guy for all this time and for people not to think, ‘Well, what’s he doing?’”

I don’t think it is at all surprising that there is a lack of support for the idea of Giggs as manager. After being burned by the David Moyes era, fans are approaching this managerial change with some real trepidation and don’t want the club to repeat the risks they took in bringing Moyes in from Everton.

Hiring Giggs would be even more of a risk than appointing Moyes because he’s unproven and simply not ready for the job. He could blow everybody’s expectations away and become a brilliant manager straight away but on the other hand he could collapse and take United down with them. We can’t afford to bring in somebody who could let that happen.

Whoever does come in to replace van Gaal, it shouldn’t be Giggs. That might happen a few years down the line but it just wouldn’t be the right decision for United right now.

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