David de Gea excited for Manchester United’s Europa League tie against Liverpool

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans will be bouncing off the walls in excitement at our Europa League Round of 16 draw against Liverpool and so will the players.

What a game that’s going to be. We’ve never played Liverpool in Europa and I’m already jumping up and down in excitement at the thought of it.

David de Gea took to Twitter straight away to show excitement for the game and UEFA got in on the act as well to ask him what he thought of the draw:

Here’s what Wayne Rooney and Jamie Carragher had to say about the draw as well:

Bring it on. The Europa League isn’t as important as a Champions League but with a potential qualification spot for the overall winners on the line, both teams will be desperate to go through.

Plus, it’s United against Liverpool. What more motivation do you need?

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