Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo is focused on making a full recovery from his injury

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo is focused on making his recovery from injury and regaining full fitness for the first-team.

The Argentinian defender was sidelined for three months after he suffered a shoulder injury during a midweek training session at the start of December.

He made his come back in the 5-1 win against FC Midtjylland and then started in 3-2 victory over Arsenal, but was forced off after he collided with Danny Welbeck in the second half.

Rojo admits he was worried after the match but is thankful the knock didn’t cause another significant problem.

“When it happened I was concerned that it could be a more serious injury than it turned out to be, but I thought it would be better to come off at that point to be replaced by a player who was at full fitness and save aggravating the injury,” Rojo told MUTV.

“Thankfully it turned out just to be a knock, but it was safer for me to come off as the team come first.

“[Despite coming off] I feel that the Arsenal game did me a lot of good and I got my rhythm back. After three months out with injury it wasn’t easy to come back and it’s not something that should be rushed. It has to be done match-by-match. My goal is obviously to achieve full fitness again and play a full 90 minutes.”

I’m still yet to make my full judgement on Rojo as a player. At times, he’s been excellent at both centre-back and left-back. At others, he’s showed some pretty poor decision making which no experienced player should. Maybe I’m being overly harsh and critical of him but that’s my opinion.

Rojo’s challenge now is to find his full fitness and force his way into the starting XI on a consistent basis. If he can do that, we should hopefully see him grow as a player because he does have the potential to be a top centre-back.

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