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Frank Lampard encourages Man United to sign Jose Mourinho

by Sam Peoples

Frank Lampard believes there is no better manager than Jose Mourinho for Manchester United right now.

The ex-Chelsea midfielder, who now plays for MLS side New York City FC, played under Mourinho for a number of years and certainly knows what it is like to play under the Portuguese manager.

Speaking about Mourinho, Lampard said he would be a good fit for United and the players right now.

“If I’m in charge at United and I see Pep Guardiola going to Manchester City, Jose would be top of my list,” Lampard said.

“Jose will get the best out of the players there. He will recruit top players.

“They are not happy with where they are at. It’s a good option for both United and Jose. It’s a good fit.”

United have forced themselves into a situation and I don’t think there are many other options other than Mourinho to replace van Gaal and help the club properly recover from the last three years of turmoil.

Replacing van Gaal has become an even more crucial decision for United than it was with Sir Alex’s replacement. We always knew a dip was coming after Fergie left but if we get this appointment wrong, we could slip into a mindset where mediocrity is the norm and that’s a slippery slope to repeating Liverpool’s fall from grace.

I agree with Lampard, Mourinho is the right fit for United right now and although I have reservations over what he’d do with our academy, I firmly believe he would adapt to United as much as United would adapt to him and we’d see him change.

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