Liverpool vs Manchester United: Card happy referee Carballo put in charge

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United against Liverpool is always going to be a hostile game. We might not have Roy Keane, Nemanja Vidic or Paul Scholes lunging in any more but high-flying tackles always get the blood pumping among fans.

I expect tonight to be no different at Anfield, which makes it all the more surprising to see what referee UEFA have put in charge of the game.

Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo has handed out a whopping 61 yellow cards and four red cards in his last ten games in charge.

In a game where adrenaline is high under the floodlights in what will be a tense and hostile Anfield, Carballo is an odd choice because the last thing this fixture needs is either a referee who will be stopping every couple of minutes for a foul or somebody who is quick to send players off.

We’ll see how it pans out tonight but with a referee whose recent history suggests there could very well be a sending off, maybe there will be a repeat of Steven Gerrard or Jonjo Shelvey’s long walk back down the tunnel.

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