Howard Webb labels Marouane Fellaini as a ‘thug’ after Liverpool game

by Sam Peoples

Former referee Howard Webb has labelled Marouane Fellaini as a thug after his latest elbow exploits in Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

Fellaini was involved in multiple elbow incidents including one with Dejan Lovren where he was booked and could have arguably been sent off.

After the controversy surrounding an elbow off the ball at Anfield last week, Fellaini didn’t change his approach at all and Webb feels there is no place for it in football.

“It’s one thing imposing yourself on the game, but another thing being a thug on the pitch,” Webb told BT Sport.

“(Fellaini) can’t play without throwing his elbows around. I think he should have been suspended for (the incident in the first leg) but UEFA never looked at it.”

“This ongoing battle with Can continues, he throws an arm – reckless in my opinion, not violent, worth a yellow card.

“But this one’s a red card. Dejan Lovren is holding him – is that an excuse to throw an arm? No, of course not.

“He clenches his fist, he puts force into the elbow, the point of the elbow into the back of the head, and he should have been sent off.”

Fellaini is somebody who thinks about his elbows first and his feet second, that pretty much sums him up as a footballer. He embodies United’s fall from grace over the last three years because he’s simply not good enough to play for the club, end of discussion.

To be fair to Fellaini, he was one of our better players against Liverpool last night but that’s just as much an indictment of how poor the other players were than it is a rosy compliment for the Belgian.

Quite how Louis van Gaal continues to play him for 90 minutes every week is now beyond logical comprehension and after three seasons at the club, I want to see Fellaini follow van Gaal out of the door this summer.

We’ve always loved a bit of bullish brawn on the pitch – look no further than Paul Scholes and Roy Keane – but Fellaini is incapable of matching that with any sort of innate ability. He’s better suited to being in an octagon fighting UFC than on the pitch playing football.

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