Jose Mourinho has signed a pre-contract agreement with Man United says El Pais in Spain

by Sam Peoples

Having gone quiet for a little while, the Jose Mourinho and Manchester United reports are back in full swing thanks to Diego Torres.

Writing a lengthy article for El Pais, Torres says Mourinho has signed a pre-contract agreement with Man United worth €20m based on two payments which could be activated by both May 1 (€6.5m) and June 1 (€13m) were the finalised agreement not to be signed by those dates.

This is not the first time El Pais have reported that a pre-contract agreement has been signed as they did so at the end of February but the concept of dates set by Mourinho’s representatives are interesting. Something certainly needs to force United’s hand because they are certainly dithering.

The excellent Sport Witness goes into further detail about Torres to add some more context behind his credibility and history with Mourinho, but I expect this to kick-start the rumours once again and Louis van Gaal‘s continued slide with United is only going to give it some extra gusto – especially if United lose to Manchester City in the derby.

David Moyes was only sacked when it was mathematically impossible for United to finish in the top four. Do we find ourselves in the same situation under van Gaal only two years later? There certainly aren’t any reasons to justify why the Dutchman is still got his job, that’s for sure.

It will be interesting to see if there is any sort of response from Mourinho’s camp to this article from Torres and as always we’ll bring you any updates if they do.

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