Angel Di Maria: Manchester United still play the same old football since I left

by Tanveer Arayan

Angel Di Maria has taken a swipe at Manchester United by saying they haven’t progressed since he left to join Paris St-Germain in August 2015.

The Argentinian international completed his transfer to Man United for a British record fee of £59.7 million but was sold for £44 million just a year later after a disappointing season at Old Trafford.

Despite a wonderful start in which he scored three goals in his opening five games he wasn’t able to flourish under Louis van Gaal in the Premier League.

He blamed the Dutchman’s positional changes for the reason he was never able to settle. Speaking on BBC’s Football Focus, Di Maria said: “I left and that team are still playing the same way. Out of the European competitions, far from being champions of the Premier League.

“I don’t think it was my fault or the fault of my team-mates.

“Every time I was given the opportunity, I did all I could but it didn’t work out as I hoped.

“So I decided to leave, not only to be happy but to win things.

“I started a game in one position, then the next game in another.

“I scored goals playing in one position, then suddenly the next game I was picked to play in a different position.”

It’s amazing how dismissive and ignorant Di Maria is of his rotten attitude at the club. He arrived as a boisterous, hungry winger who ran for every ball and showed the sort of quality you’d expect of a major signing.

But after an injury, that fire was put out. From then on, he stumbled through the season with hands dragging on the ground with the sort of attitude you’d expect of a grumpy teenager. He wasn’t happy and made it abundantly clear with how he applied himself on the pitch.

Am I sad his United career didn’t work out? Of course, he’s a top quality player and has shown that once again at PSG but with that sort of terrible attitude it doesn’t matter how much you’re played in or out of position, you’re destined to fail.

United are better off without his attitude but we certainly miss having players of his top quality in the squad and we’ve got to go some way to solving that problem this summer once again.

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