Ramon Calderon suggests Jose Mourinho will be Real Madrid’s next coach if he rejects Man United

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon believes Jose Mourinho‘s next job will at the Santiago Bernabeu, only if he rejects Manchester United.

Louis van Gaal‘s expected departure this summer after a poor season at Man United has put Mourinho in as the favourite to replace him.

Mourinho himself has said he wants to join a new club this summer and start afresh but Calderon feels he’ll return if Zinedine Zidane doesn’t deliver silverware.

Speaking about Mourinho, Calderon told AS in Spain: “If Mourinho doesn’t sign for Manchester United, he will be Real Madrid’s next coach. I am completely sure of that.

“If the team doesn’t win anything, sadly, we’ll be seeing Mourinho on the bench again. That’s my feeling.

“He will return and then we’ll be back to the war games, fire-starting, uncomfortable press conference, FIFA, UEFA, Unicef. That wasn’t the best time for the club. Now, without him, there’s a lot more peace.

“He provoked a series of conflicts which no one wants and it’s far from ideal. The president has been trying to coax him back for the past year, he’s tried on a number of occasions.

“Florentino is going nuts to see Mourinho back at the club. If things don’t go well, Zidane won’t continue.”

Madrid is such a toxic environment that has seen a whole host of world class managers come and go, Mourinho included, so it’s not at all surprising to hear about these clashes but sceptics of Jose joining United certainly point to that side of his personality.

Mourinho can be a very disruptive manager, we all know that, but his track record of success in multiple countries speaks for itself. It’s whether he’d be able to bring that to United without being disruptive which is the main concern among fans.

If Jose is to be believed, a Madrid return is not going to happen even if Zidane does leave but Calderon suggests Florentino Perez has been chasing Mourinho ever since he left. He’ll certainly have plenty of suitors this summer but I do feel United is the job he is desperate to have.

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