Marouane Fellaini: I’m not going to change at Man United

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini insists until Louis van Gaal tells the him to change at Manchester United that he will not try to win over his critics.

The Belgian international has become a point of major frustration for Man United fans as van Gaal continues to use him in midfield despite how poor he is.

Regardless of how fans feel towards him, Fellaini has said he has no intention to change.

“When your manager asks you to play in a position, you have to do it,” said Fellaini.

“When we played against Liverpool at the start of the season, I was asked to play as a striker. It wouldn’t be my choice of position, but I had to do it and we won the game. You have to just get on and deal with it.

“My best friends always say to me: ‘think about yourself first’ and tell me to be more selfish. But I’m not like that. I am a professional, I am of service to the club and to the manager. My favourite position is at number six or number eight, but I will never have a problem with a manager because I do my job. When the manager asks me to do something, I do it.”

Fellaini is a symbol of the dark David Moyes year and unfortunately for him he is going to find it impossible to shake that tag. Even when he has left the club he will be remembered in that same vein.

Because of that, I really can’t see Fellaini turning it around at United no matter how hard he tries unless he is used in the right way. Van Gaal should him on for the last 20 minutes of games in a more advanced midfield role, not ask him to start in central midfield where he simply can’t play.

In that sense, it’s not entirely Fellaini’s fault he’s become a scapegoat but his performances haven’t helped him either. Let’s be honest – he’s an awful footballer, and the sooner he leaves the better (much like van Gaal).

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