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Papers: Man United players angry and disillusioned with Louis van Gaal

by Sam Peoples

The time when it was widely considered past the point of no return for David Moyes was when stories began to emerge of dressing room discontent because when a manager no longer has control of his players, the job becomes untenable.

In today’s editions of The Times and The Sun, there are separate reports suggesting that has happened.

Neil Ashton from The Sun says van Gaal was labelled as ‘clueless’ by some of the players after the 3-0 defeat to Spurs.

Rory Smith and Paul Hirst of The Times followed the same story by reporting that United’s players were sick of being blamed by van Gaal and called into question why he wasn’t getting more for his own tactical decisions.

This is not the first time we have heard reports like this. In September 2015, The Telegraph published an article saying United’s players were angry with van Gaal’s treatment of Rafael da Silva and already questioning his methods. However, following that in December, David de Gea said there was no dressing room discontent at the club.

Being baffled by van Gaal’s tactical decisions is certainly something fans can relate to. I mean, Ashley Young up front? There’s no logic behind that at all and you’ve got to try and put yourselves in the shoes of the players. How frustrating must it be for Young, Martial, Lingard and Mata to all be played out of position when they could all simply switch and play in their favoured roles? It’s unnecessarily forcing square pegs into round holes.

For me, van Gaal’s United is a ship slowly sinking in quicksand. There is the occasional thrust towards getting out of it with a win here or there but a result like Sunday’s always brings us right back down to earth with a bang. False dawns have become commonplace under the Dutchman.

So, as it stands we are waiting in limbo, waiting for the next five Premier League games to be played out and for the season to be over. Will van Gaal be here next season? I can’t see it happening and these further reports of player discontent will only crank up the pressure even more on a man who is under a severe amount of it already.

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