Zlatan Ibrahimovic invisible as PSG lose to Man City in Champions League

by Sam Peoples

Tonight was an opportunity for Manchester United fans to watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic in action against Manchester City but it was a far from convincing performance from the Swedish striker.

Ibrahimovic’s only genuine attempts on target were some free-kicks which didn’t give Joe Hart much trouble and an offside goal late on which he was four or five yards off for.

All in all, that was pretty abysmal from Ibrahimovic and fans thought it as well.

For PSG to put in that sort of performance when they won the league back in March and have had nothing to concentrate on but the UEFA Champions League is atrocious. They were missing some key players such as Blaise Matuidi but that doesn’t change anything as far as Ibrahimovic is concerned.

We wrote a feature earlier taking a look at whether Ibrahimovic could become our new Van Persie next season. Judging by that performance, maybe the 2013/14 version but not the 2012/13 one.

Man United need a new striker, we all know that. 39 goals in the Premier League in 32 games just isn’t good enough but with Ibrahimovic you’d be probably have to make him the club’s top earner as he’d come on a free transfer and whether he is worth that much at 34 is what the big debate is all about.

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