Brian McBride: Manchester United ‘lost their fight’ against Tottenham Hotspur

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Fulham striker Brian McBride believes Manchester United “lost their fight” in the 3-0 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Anthony Martial spurned an excellent chance in the first half at White Hart Lane before three goals in six second half minutes put the game to bed for Spurs.

McBride criticised Man United in an interview with ESPN. “As soon as Man United conceded they lost their fight, they shouldn’t have shut down shop at White Hart Lane,” he said.

“They stopped trying so they didn’t even have the chance to stop Martial, he’s the only person that can make something happen and cut inside. [Juan] Mata was play RB for most of the game.”

McBride is spot on; when United conceded the first goal following a defensive mix-up they effectively caved in and Spurs picked apart their opponents with ease.

Martial’s effort was United’s only shot on target and that is criminal considering the amount of money the club has spent down the years. The blame has to fall at Louis van Gaal’s feet and there is little doubting that he will leave Old Trafford in the summer.

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