More Jose Mourinho to Man United headlines in British press

by Sam Peoples

Another day another back page in the British press with Jose Mourinho pasted all over it.

The newspaper in question this time is The Sun and Louis van Gaal‘s favourite ‘fat man’ journalist Neil Custis.

He says Mourinho has been given assurances again within the last 48 hours he’ll be United’s manager next season and that negotiations are now at an ‘advanced’ stage.

Effectively, there’s nothing new in Custis’ reports and it seems like nothing more than repeating the stories we’ve been fed in recent weeks. By this stage we’ve had reports of pre-contract agreements, verbal agreements, gentleman’s agreements and everything in between with Mourinho and his protracted move to United.

Elsewhere, the suggestion is that Mourinho is ‘close’ to finalising his move.

We might not have anything more than speculation still at this stage but there is a general consensus which is rarely diverted from – Mourinho is the heavy favourite to be United’s manager next season. As I’ve said on more than one occasion, I’d be so surprised if it didn’t happen and would seriously fear for the club and the people in charge of it if that turned out to be the case.

Hayley McQueen, freelance presenter on MUTV and Sky Sports News, has caused a mini uproar the pot with comments suggesting United are preparing to have van Gaal in charge next season and the outcry after that (read it here) pretty much shows that popular opinion is against van Gaal staying.

It’s not healthy for United to have gone through months of speculation regarding who is going to be our manager next season but the saving grace is that heading in May we’re edging ever closer to some answers.

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