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Louis van Gaal insists he’ll be Manchester United manager next season

by Tanveer Arayan

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is confident he will remain in charge at Old Trafford next season.

There is growing speculation that former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho will replace him this summer but the Dutchman insists he intends to fulfil his three-year contract.

The club’s Champions League ambitions took a heavy blow after a 1-1 draw to Leicester City in the Premier League as a top four finish in the Premier League looks to be almost impossible but despite all of that context, van Gaal says club wanted him to sign for three years and that he’ll be here next campaign.

“I knew it would be like this. That’s why they hired me and we spoke about it,” he said.

“We always knew that the process would take three years. I wanted to sign only for two years. The club wanted me to sign for three years, not me. I signed for three years, so next year you will see me again.

“Every week for six months I have been ‘sacked’ – and yet I am still here. But this has happened to me at every club I have been at.”

Even though van Gaal has every confidence and confirms he will stay next season, I hope he will be replaced. I just can’t see us moving forward and building on what has, for large parts, been an extremely stagnant campaign in his second year in charge.

Times change and so does football but van Gaal’s failed to adapt to the Premier League and we’ve seen the fallout of that. No amount of spending this summer is going to remedy the problems at United and as confident as van Gaal is that he’s going nowhere, I’d be very surprised to see him in charge come the start of the 2016/17 Premier League.

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