Pictures: Eric Cantona meets Manchester United players

by Tanveer Arayan

It wasn’t only Manchester United fans who were giddy at Eric Cantona being back at Old Trafford this weekend, players past and present were just as excited.

After the 1-1 draw with Leicester City, Man United’s players didn’t miss out on the opportunity to get a picture alongside one of our greatest ever players.

I mean, look at Ander Herrera – he looks like a kid in a sweet shop. Genuine fanboy moments and memories for the players which I suppose is refreshing to see because they are rarely on the other side of that.

It wasn’t just current players who got a picture with Cantona as former United keeper and team-mate of King Eric also got one, Peter Schmeichel.

I don’t think there are many, potentially any, former United players who create as much of a buzz as Cantona does just by turning up and that’s because he is still such a maverick. I mean, look at him – he turned up at United looking like he’d just had a weekend stag do in Dublin and hadn’t gone home but still had everyone fawning over him. What a man.

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