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Renato Sanches to Bayern Munich: Manchester United fans not impressed

by Sam Peoples

Renato Sanches was supposed to be moving to Manchester United this summer, at least that’s what all the reports over the last two months had been saying to the point where it was believed the only thing standing in his way was sorting a payment schedule with Benfica.

Yet, out of the blue on Tuesday morning it was announced by Bayern Munich that 18-year-old Sanches would be joining them in the summer.

I was extremely surprised by the announcement and having spoken to Bayern fans and German journalists alike, I’m not the only one who didn’t see this move from Sanches coming, just like plenty of other United fans.

That being said, some were nonplussed by the announcement. Sanches? Who is he? Move on.

For those who don’t know, United had scouted Sanches for over 20 consecutive games in Portugal and were widely considered to be favourites to sign him but clearly it didn’t work out that way.

From my perspective, we’ve probably missed a trick not offering Benfica exactly what they wanted for Sanches if a large part of the €80m release clause would have been paid in bonuses like our deal for Anthony Martial but it wasn’t to be. For every Sanches we miss out on there will be another player who we are interested in. Onto the next one.

That being said, United have earned an unwanted but warranted reputation over the last few summers for dithering in the transfer window and this Sanches deal hopefully isn’t an indicator of what is to come.

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