Danny Blind: Louis van Gaal didn’t deserve to get sacked

by Sam Peoples

Netherlands boss Danny Blind was genuinely surprised by Louis van Gaal getting sacked by Manchester United and didn’t think he deserved it.

Van Gaal was sacked less than 48 hours after winning the FA Cup at Wembley but the decision to let him go was made prior to that game so the result was irrelevant in that respect and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has watched United this season.

Despite the overall failures of van Gaal, Blind says he’s disappointed with the manner in which Louis was sacked.

Speaking about it he said: “I’m closer to the situation than many other people and I can tell you that his departure came as a surprise. I feel for him. He doesn’t deserve this.

“I’ve worked with him for so many years. I played under him for years at Ajax, I was his captain, I was his assistant at the last World Cup. He’s a great coach.

“We all know that, as a manager, you will face the sack at some stage in your career. It happens to every manager.

“In this case I find it very disappointing. I know in which way this sacking was done and it’s not the way it should go.”

When it comes to van Gaal, I think those who knew him more than most, those who were his friends first and knew him as a football manager second, will feel aggrieved to see what’s happened to him at Man United because he was a genuinely nice guy. Outside of football, he was witty and charming but it’s just a shame his style of play was so monotonous and draining.

You can see from the announcement of his sacking that United fans had a soft spot for Louis but from an impartial perspective simply knew he had to go and it was without doubt the right decision to let him leave.

We can look back at van Gaal’s tenure at United with a smile on our faces thanks to his FA Cup win but fans certainly won’t be sad to never see United playing underneath him again.

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