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Paul Parker: Jose Mourinho is not the right man for Man United

by Tanveer Arayan

Paul Parker has accused Manchester United fans who want Jose Mourinho as their new manager as not being ‘real’ supporters of the club.

Mourinho is widely expected to be named as the new boss of Man United this week following Louis van Gaal’s sacking on Monday.

However, there have been reservations over Mourinho’s off-field tactics and tendency to neglect youth. Parker, who played for United between 1991 and 1996, insisted that Mourinho is the wrong man for the club.

“I’m trying not to be negative because it’s Manchester United and it means a lot to me but I know what it means to represent the club,” Parker said.

“Any Manchester United fans who are saying, ‘Mourinho is great’, aren’t really Manchester United fans in my opinion, because they aren’t looking at the club’s blueprint and ethos. They are new fans who only see trophies. They don’t know anything about Manchester United.”

Mourinho certainly has his flaws but what was the alternative? Keep van Gaal, suffer another season of mediocrity and hope Ryan Giggs, with next to no experience, takes United back to the top?

The glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson and United’s traditions are over. Ferguson was a one-off and United have to get with the times.

Mourinho is a proven, world-class manager and he represents United’s best chance of success. He may neglect youth and play defensive football, but he is also no fool and he will be keen to keep the fans on his side.

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