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Mourinho looking forward to Man United career: “Old Trafford is my house”

by Sam Peoples

While there is no definitive proof or direct quotes, everybody is well aware how long Jose Mourinho has wanted the Manchester United job for. Going back to Chelsea in 2013 but he truly wanted to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, unfortunately for him it never worked out that way.

Now, three years later than planned, Mourinho is Man United manager and he’ll be loving every second of it.

One thing which griped United fans about both David Moyes and Louis van Gaal was how were both guilty of saying the wrong things far too often, particularly the former and his comments about aspiring to be like Manchester City.

You get the feeling that won’t be too much of an issue with Mourinho. He knows exactly what he is doing and saying and to hear him call Old Trafford his house in his programme notes for Soccer Aid 2016 will no doubt get a few more fans on his side.

Writing in the programme, he said: “I’m sorry I couldn’t be more involved tonight and I was sorry not to enjoy training with the England boys this week, but I am so happy and involved at beginning my job at Manchester United that all the time I have right now is working time.

“I want to be part of it, and I will be, from the stands. I will be another one contributing to such a memorable day. I want to enjoy the game at my house, Old Trafford.”

It is his house. For me, naively or rightly, I think Mourinho wants to establish a legacy at a club for more than three years and I can’t see any better opportunity for him than United. It’s the one thing missing from his CV and as he’s a man driven by his own ego, that’s something he’ll want to change.

This is his house and United are in need of somebody to bring that house back to the top of the pile, having languished away in the shadows since Sir Alex retired.

A 7th place, 4th and 5th place finish might be good enough for other clubs but the standards Fergie set are how Mourinho will be measured now. Can he match up to them? If he didn’t think he could, I’m not sure he’d have taken the job.

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