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From Italy: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has found a house in Manchester

by Sam Peoples

Nothing confirms an imminent transfer more than a player finding a house in the city of their new team, right?

Reports from Italy today say Zlatan Ibrahimovic has found a house in Manchester through real estate company Proto Group Limited.

“We can confirm that we have found a new home for Ibrahimovic in Manchester following indications given by the club”, a statement from Proto Group on Football Italia reads.

“We struggled a bit at the beginning because Manchester is not Paris, nor Milan. Zlatan couldn’t understand that the architectural style couldn’t be the same but in the end he was ‘forced to agree’ a move to an amazing villa with indoor swimming pool and a very big garden.

“Zlatan is a guy with huge sense of humour, we watched the launch event of his sporting clothes brand and his comment on the house was kind of fun too: ‘I will adapt’.”

Well, what do we make of this? We hadn’t heard of Proto Group Limited before so we did a quick bit of background research into them.

At the end of May, they came out and said Paul Pogba had bought a house in Barcelona but insisted it was nothing to do with an imminent move to the Spanish club.

They were also behind stories at the start of June that Dani Alves had bought a house in Turin ahead of an expected move to Juventus.

Furthermore, Spanish papers in February claimed that Diego Simeone was to be offered €20m per year to become Inter Milan boss. The company behind that money? Proto Group alongside co-owner…Donald Trump.

To add a cherry on top, they also helped Cristiano Ronaldo purchase an $18.5m apartment in America back in 2015. Where I hear you ask? Trump Tower.

So, they’ve certainly been busy in terms of football related business as far as reports go. Has Ibrahimovic found a place in Manchester? Proto Group insists so but we’ll wait to see if it is confirmed by any other outlets.

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