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Manchester United fans eagerly anticipating Zlatan Ibrahimovic announcement

by Robbie Dunne

There is now nothing in the way of Manchester United announcing Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the latest signing of Jose Mourinho following Sweden’s exit from Euro 2016.

As Ibrahimovic has retired from international and will play no part in the 2016 Olympics, it means he’s now a free agent without a club or any tournament which can get in the way of confirming his future.

This news comes following several weeks of speculation that began with disbelief when reports suggested Man United were making a marquee signing this early in the summer, with the disbelief soon giving way to a form of acceptance as the deal is close to completion.

Mourinho was announced as the manager of Man United at the end of May and soon after it was reported the PSG man was a realistic target at Old Trafford as talks had already taken place over the signing of the 34-year-old. Mourinho and Ibrahimovic worked together at Inter Milan and Zlatan had high praise for Mourinho in his book, in which he said he would die for the Portuguese manager.

Speculation cooled as soon as the Euros started but Tancredi Palmeri reported Ibrahimovic had already signed a deal with the club, stating “He [Zlatan] signed an agreement in early June. It was sent to him at the pre-Euro 2016 training camp in Sweden, he signed it and sent it back.”

Ibrahimovic announced his retirement from international football after his Swedish side were incapable of getting out of the group stages at Euro 2016 following a meagre draw with the Republic of Ireland and two 1-0 defeats at the hands of Italy and then Belgium.

A summer of further ambiguity has been avoided with Zlatan’s retirement as there is no way he will compete at the Olympics with his country following a decade and a half of dedication to the cause.

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