Jose Mourinho: Ryan Giggs wanted to be Manchester United manager

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has revealed Ryan Giggs wanted to become Manchester United manager instead of him but the board decided Mourinho was the man for the job.

Giggs left Man United this week after 29 years at the club and there was intense speculation over whether Mourinho had purposefully frozen him out of any jobs at United. However, it seems it was more a case of Giggs’ ambition which simply conflicted with United’s intentions moving forward.

Having left Barcelona with two years left on his contract in order to pursue his own ambitions as a manager, Mourinho knows what it takes in order to take a step into the world of management and he has wished Giggs the world of luck in his journey. He also made it clear he would be welcomed back at any time if he wanted to return.

Speaking about Giggs, Mourinho said: “The job that Ryan wanted is the club that the club decided to give me. It is not my fault. Ryan wanted to be Manchester United manager and the club decided that the job was for me. From this moment Ryan wants to be a manager like in 2000 when I decided I wanted to be a manager. There arrives a moment when you make a decision and Ryan made this decision. He could be what he wanted in the club, but he made a decision where you need to be brave.”

I’m delighted United’s board showed some metal and made the correct decision here. There would have been internal pressure from the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton to promote Giggs but after Louis van Gaal and David Moyes, it was simply not a risk United could afford to take.

Now, Giggs has the opportunity to stand on his own two feet and create his own career path. That may well come full circle and bring him back to United in the future but whatever he does it will now be on his own shoulders as a manager, he will have the chance to make decisions himself which is what he wants to do.

It’s nice to get some clarification on the Giggs situation in full from Mourinho and fair play to Ryan for sticking to his guns and leaving despite spending 29 years at United in order to pursue his ambition. That’s the sort of tough decisions which he’ll have to get used to making and after two years of sitting in the shadows at United, it’s the biggest one he’s made in some time.

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