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Jose Mourinho explains transfer policy at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has given an outline of how he has done business this summer and plans to do business going forward as the manager of Manchester United.

Having highlighted four areas of concern within the squad, Mourinho acted quick to seal deals to ensure Man United were not chasing their own tail come the end of the summer to find players who may or may not have fit the purposes they were needed for.

United have struggled in recent windows but Mourinho declared he is clear in his approach, knows what he wants and works fast to get it.

He said: “We made a nucleus of four priorities, four positions to give a certain balance to the squad, to give a certain push in terms of quality and the qualities I need and want. Especially the ones with more vision.

“I am more a manager that likes specialists and not so much the multi-functional players because I am very clear in my approach. Multifunctional players are like one or two, when you are in trouble you need someone who can fill but basically I want specialists.”

It seems as though Man United had become the kind of place where world class footballers were unwilling to move to during the previous two regimes with Angel di Maria opting out of Old Trafford after one rather forgettable season and the likes of Sergio Ramos using the club to leverage a new deal with Real Madrid

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Eric Bailly all signed on the dotted line without waiting to see what other options were down the line and leaving United fans wondering whether they want to play for the club or were simply there as a last resort.

It may seem like a small issue but it is one that can endear a player to fans and with Mkhitaryan pushing through a move to the club, it proves United is not longer a place to go when all other options are exhausted.

The sense of intrigue that Mourinho brings is important and while there might be flaws with his defensive style or abrasive personality, there is little doubt that United will compete on all fronts within a year of his arrival.

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