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Picture: Jose Mourinho’s office at Manchester United’s training ground Carrington

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho‘s not been in the job two months yet at Manchester United but he’s more than made his mark at the club.

New signings, new members of staff, some staff leaving and some players expected to as well, Mourinho’s changes have been encompassing yet systematic and strategic. Piece by piece, he’s building his own United.

Previously, Mourinho shared a picture with supporters of his home office when he was announced as our new manager. Now he’s been unveiled, Jose has shared one of his new surroundings in Carrington at the same desk Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis van Gaal occupied. As you can see, his United pencil came with him from home.

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Now I know it’s foolish to get excited before a ball has been kicked but it’s simply impossible not to with what’s going right now at United. Mourinho talked the talk in his first press conference and with three major signings already complete, he’s walking the walk as well.

It’s such a refreshing change after three years of dithering and expectations not being met. United are acting like United and we’re making a bold statement in the market and have one of the world’s best managers in charge – our efficient and productive movement in the transfer market are what we should have been doing since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Who will be the fourth signing Mourinho wants? Based on how quickly things have gone forward already, I’d expect to find out soon enough and who knows, maybe it will be completed before our pre-season kicks off against Wigan Athletic on July 16.

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