Juan Mata back in Manchester United training but what’s next for him?

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata is excited to be back in training with Manchester United after a full summer off but big question marks loom over his head as far as his future is concerned.

The diminutive Spaniard might be a fans’ favourite, and a players’ favourite if reports are to be believed, but the arrival of Jose Mourinho brings a gloomy cloud over his head in terms of his future prospects at Man United.

Mourinho sold Mata when he was at Chelsea despite the fact he was a two-time and current Players’ Player of the Year – what is to stop him selling him at United? More to the point, has anything substantially changed in Jose’s mindset since then to make him want to keep Juan at United?

The unfortunate reality for Mata is that his future at United right now looks bleak. The fans might not want it, neither might the players, but Mourinho is now our boss and his word goes. Unless he’s had a full U-turn on Mata, the exit door seems the most likely place for him.

And what a sad state of affairs that would be. Mata has been one of the rare players in the last few years who has put a smile on the face of United fans, least not for his scissor kick at Anfield, and to see him leave would certainly upset a portion of the fanbase – myself included.

However, I do expect it to happen. Mourinho is a driven manager, he knows what he wants and he goes out to get it – as much as I want Mata to stay for the affiliation he has built with fans, plus the fact he’s a mint player, Jose doesn’t see that. He deals in black and white, his black and white, and I really can’t see how Mata is part of that picture no matter how good he has been at United.

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