Jose Mourinho wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Pogba didn’t join Man United

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has admitted he wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Pogba didn’t join Manchester United

All everybody is talking about at the moment is Pogba and his potential move to Man United following reports from L’Equipe on Wednesday that said the deal was already agreed by all parties. Despite that, nothing is yet concrete.

Following all of that, Mourinho has been questioned directly about Pogba a few times and in a candid interview he discussed how there are two alternatives ready if the deal for Pogba doesn’t go through.

“I am not going to try to make you naive and believe that we are not trying for one player,” said Mourinho.

“We set four targets for us, we got three of them and we are going to get the fourth.

“We established the profile of four players to improve the squad, to give us more options, especially adapted to my way of thinking about football.

“Everybody speaks about one, but it wouldn’t be a surprise for me if it is not him and it is another one because we went for profile.

“We have two more options in front of us and we are going to close one.”

Mourinho’s a man who knows exactly what he want. With a contingency plan already in place, he sounds confident United will get what they need this summer whether that is Pogba or not.

In terms of profile, somebody like Blaise Matuidi would also fit the Pogba role so he is one who could be part of Mourinho’s plans and the French midfielder has been linked with United long before Jose took over.

But we all know what Mourinho and United fans want – Pogba. Whether we get him depends on the next 48 hours of negotiations but Jose has intimated, without saying his name, that Pogba is the one player United are pushing for the moment.

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