From Italy: Paul Pogba waiting to fly to England

by Sam Peoples

Gazzetta dello Sport have offered an update on Paul Pogba.

The Italian newspaper says Paul Pogba is effectively a Manchester United player already and is simply waiting for permission from Juventus to fly to England. Fees reported are the €110m which have been widely reported by Gianluca di Marzio and La Stampa’s Massimiliano Nerozzi, so there is continuity with those numbers.

Pogba is currently in Los Angeles where he is believed to be undergoing an initial medical examination ahead of his flight to England. All in all, we’re just sitting here in a waiting game for Juventus go give the final go ahead and an official announcement.

It’s been a painful few weeks following this Pogba transfer debacle but the final steps to get over the line are proving to be the most tedious because of how close it is to being completed.

Through tough negotiations and an unwavering desire to sign Pogba, United are set to smash the transfer record by bringing back a player who should never have left – it’s wonderful news. Unfortunately, we might have to sit on our hands and wait that little bit longer when we’d all rather be celebrating.

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