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Juventus fans already saying their goodbyes to Paul Pogba

by Sam Peoples

Juventus fans are already saying their goodbyes to Paul Pogba ahead of his expected move to Manchester United this week.

The former Man United player left four years ago to join the Italian side and went on to become a cult hero among their fans.

He was part of Juventus’ renaissance which saw them win four titles in four consecutive seasons and although they fell short at the final hurdle in their hunt for the UEFA Champions League, Pogba endeared himself to their fans right up until the end.

While Juventus fans would undoubtedly have preferred Pogba to stay, he won’t be leaving with any hard feelings:

He certainly won’t be coming back to United with any hard feeling among our fans either. The way in which he left was avoidable but Sir Alex Ferguson lived and died by his iron fist rule which saw so many talented players leave, and Pogba was just one of them in that regard.

It’s been a painful three years coping with Sir Alex’s retirement but there’s something beautiful about Pogba coming back to the club he left not so long ago. He’s clearly got unfinished business with us and that has driven him – as well as the huge wages – to re-join United.

The fact Juventus fans hold him so highly is a testament to how he played for them – he gave 100% for the shirt and that’s all a player can do. If he continues to do that at United, he’ll have no problems building up that same relationship with our fans once again.

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