Pictures: Paul Pogba in Manchester United’s new training kit

by Sam Peoples

The first pictures of Paul Pogba back in Manchester United’s shirt have now been released.

Pogba hasn’t yet completed his move back to Man United from Juventus but it will soon be official that he has returned to Old Trafford after a four year stint in Italy.

In that timeframe, Pogba went on to become one of the best central midfielders in the world and his return to United is the single biggest signing the club has ever made.

All United fans are understandably buzzing about it and here are the first exciting pictures of Pogba back in a United shirt:

I genuinely never thought we’d ever see Pogba playing for United again after Sir Alex Ferguson wrongly let him go but Ed Woodward and Jose Mourinho went out to get their man and didn’t disappoint. I mean, come on, Pogba back at the club? Bossing the midfield?

It’s what we all wanted to see happen when he should have broken through into the first-team but it’s definitely a case of better late than never in this situation. This season was always going to be a blockbuster one but the addition of Pogba takes it up to another level altogether.

Credit: Twitter/ChrisGrimes00

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