Kingsley Coman: Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is unbelievable

by Leo Nieboer

Fellow France international Kingsley Coman has praised new signing Paul Pogba, hailing the midfielder as “unbelievable.”

Pogba completed his world record move to Old Trafford last week and is set to make his second Manchester United debut against Southampton on Friday.

The Bayern Munich forward displayed some wondrous chemistry with Pogba at Euro 2016, often capitalising on the midfielder’s supreme range of passing as France reached the final.

Coman was quick to heap praise on Jose Mourinho’s newest addition to the squad.

“He has unbelievable abilities and is a fantastic midfielder,” he said.

“Apart from this he is not only important on the pitch. Pogba has an unbelievable marketing value.

“Paul sticks in the people’s memory. He has a huge marketing value for Manchester United.”

Above anything, Pogba is a massive presence in any side. His unique style, which combines sheer brute force and delicate technical ability in equal measure, can be instantly recognised. To have such a complete skill-set – on top of an immense aura of arrogance and power – at just 23 is practically unheard of.

But beneath the glossy exterior there lies a truly unshakeable desire to be the best, to improve every day and keep learning. Despite his worldwide fame and adulation, Pogba has no intentions of slowing down. Indeed, one gets the impression that, as he returns home after his “holiday”, he is just getting started.

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